Finite Element Methods (SDSU - ME610)

Finite Element Principles and Practices (UCSD)

Samuel K. Kassegne, PhD, PE

Selected Final Projects done by Students, 1999 - Current

Samuel Kinde Kassegne

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Prius battery electrostatic and electromigration modeling

CFD model for flushing of sea water in Dubai's World Islands Project

DEP model for 3D electrodes

PMN-PT electrostatic model

Cleanroom heat transfer and air flow model

2D CFD Model of Aortic Valve

Heat exchanger FEM model

Adsorption model for filter beds

Fall 1999

  1. Drop Shock Simulation of a Cell Phone Housing onto a Corner - [Nivedan Tiwari, formerly at Qualcomm].
  2. FE Analysis and Design of a Mobile Phone Battery Latch - [Harry Ho, currently at Kyocera Wireless].
  3. Effect of Modeling a Straight Fin with Different Thermal Element Types - [Kevin Johnson].
  4. Structural Analysis of a Pedestal Plate Mount - [Walter Heim].
  5. Simulation of Folding in Rocks with Layers of Varying Competency. [John Patskan - currently at US Navy].

[simulation of folding in rocks - J. Patskan]

[MPC-multipoint constraint in ABAQUS to model cell phone latch - H. Ho - Kyocera Wireless]

Fall 2000

  1. Investigate Modeling Properties of Thin Wall Drive Pulley [Martin Twite - ESI - San Diego, CA]

[M. Twite - ESI]

Fall 2001

  1. The absorption of radiation on a mirror surface [John Rauch - Cymer Corp- Rancho Bernando, CA]
  2. Structural Analysis of a Shaft Support for use on a Syringe Pump [Marvin Ibay - Alaris Medical, Sorrento Valley, SD, CA]
  3. Thermal Analysis of an ODU Enclosure Unit [Le’Mon Benedicto - Titan Corp]
  4. Acoustic Study of Helmholtz Resonators [Philippe Couvignou - Vibro-Acoustic Sciences, Del Mar, CA]

The absorption of radiation on a mirror surface [John Rauch]



Structural Analysis of a Shaft Support for use on a Syringe Pump [Marvin Ibay]



Acoustic Study of Helmholtz Resonators [Philippe Couvignou]

Fall 2002

  1. MEMS Optical Switch Package Deflection Analysis [Daisong Rong - Sorrento Valley - OMM Inc., - San Diego, CA]
  2. Thermal Analysis of RF Packaging Component - [Chung-Tak Ng - Kyocera - San Diego, CA]
  3. Stress Analysis of a PCR Tube - PCR Reaction and Cycle Sequencing Spin Down - [Cyrus Jaffe - Applied Biosystems]
  4. Maxwell Force Actuators - Mark Majette - [ Hewlett Packard - Rancho Bernando - San Diego, CA]
  5. FE Analysis of OT Connector Clip [Leo Foshansky - Autosplice - Sorrento Valley - San Diego - CA]
  6. Thermal and Stress Analysis of Shaft of a Racing Car [David Wallwork - San Diego, CA]
Stress/Thermal Analysis of a PCR Tube - [C. Jaffe]

Maxwell Force Actuators - [M. Majette]

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