Sam Kassegne, PhD, PE
Dep. of Mechanical Engineering, College of Engineering
San Diego State
University, San Diego, CA 92182
kassegne|at|mail|dot|sdsu|dot|edu, Tel: (760)-402-716

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Sponsor Topic List of PIs & Co-PIs Timeline & Details
NSF ERC on sensorimotor neural engineering.

Dr. Tom Daniels et al.

Dr. Sam Kassegne & Dr. Kee Moon @ SDSU.

2011-2016 (center-wide).

Total for Center = $18.5Mil for 5 years (2011-2016).

DOD Space and naval Warfare Systems Command

[Collaborative Science & Technology Agreement - SPAWAR Systems Center San Diego (SSC Pacific)]

Dr. Sam Kassegne

2013 & 2014

Innovative Production Line for Low-Cost Scale-Up of a Novel 3-D, Flexible, Organic Photovoltaic Cells.

Dr. Sam Kassegne & Dr. Khaled Morsi, Dr. Kee Moon.

June 2011 - May 2012.


"Novel current-activated tip-based sintering (CATS)"

Dr. Khaled Morsi, Dr. Kee Moon, Dr. Sam Kassegne

September 08 - Sep 11.



"New Enabling Technology for Flexible Solar Cells using All-Polymer Approach"

Dr. Sam Kassegne

2009 - 2010


"Polymer light emitting diode chip with 3-D powder-sintered electrodes"

Dr. Kee Moon, Dr. Khaled Morsi, Dr. Sam Kassegne

2009 - 2010


"A New high-collection efficiency biochip for molecular diagnostics and pathogen separations"

Dr. Sam Kassegne

2008 - 2009


"Epidural Thermal Posterior Annulpla" Dr. Sam Kassegne, Dr. Kee Moon

2007 - 2008


UGP - University Grants Program

"A New Three-Dimensional Manipulator of Biomolecules for High-Efficiency Molecular Diagnostic Application & Pathogen Separations"

"Investigation of New Generation of All-Polymer Organic Photovoltaic Cells"

"Building-Integrated All-Polymer Organic Photovoltaic Cell"

"DNA-inspired Variable-Impedance Carbon Nanotubes for Molecular Electronics"

Dr. Sam Kassegne

2005 - 2006


2009 - 2010

2013 - 2014

2014 - 2015


PLF - Presidential Leadership Fund

"Simultaneous Electrical & Neurotransmitter Electrochemical Signal Reading and Stimulation for Parkinson's Disease Treatment"

Dr. Sam Kassegne

2014 - 2015


2009 - 2010

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