Microfabrication Procedures
  1. Organic MEMS (C-MEMS) Lithography Procedures (Phoebe Shin & Michael Frank)(Description)
  2. OLED (Green Pholed) Preparation Procedure (by Mohammad Majzoub & Pablo Martin-Ramos) (Description)
  3. Organic PV Cells Preparation Procedure (by Ashish Gaikwad) (Description)
  4. Negative Photolithography using SU-8 (by Berhanu K. Wondimu and Mohammad Majzoub)(Description)
  5. Negative Photolithography using SU-8 for feature spacings < 100um (by Ashish Gaikwad and Mihir Parikh) (Description)
  6. Positive Photolithography (by Namratha Tata & Vinot Kumar Vijayaraghavan) (Description)
  7. Mask Preparation using AutoCAD (template file)
  8. Mask Preparation using CoventorWare (sample – HW for EE/ME 685)
  9. PDMS Mold Preparation Procedures (by Mike Frank) (Description)
  10. Multi-layer Litho & Mask Alignment for Ag/SU-8 Blend (by Gunay Ozturk) (Description)
Cleanroom Certification Program

Required Reading on Procedures

  1. Introduction. Link
  2. Positive Lithography. Link
  3. Negative Lithography. Link
  4. Metal Lift-off. Link
  5. Plasma & CF4 Dry Etching. Link
  6. Equipment List. Link
  7. Examination. Link
  8. Score-Sheet. Link
  9. Sample Exam. Link

MEMS Lab Handbook, Cleanroom Guidelines, Etiquettes, and Safety Documents

  1. MEMS Research Lab Handbook. Prepared by Sebastian Shaner.
  2. MEMS Research Lab Mask Layout Design Checklist.
  3. Cleanroom Basic Guidelines (Pieter van Niekerk). Video.
  4. Lab Guidelines and Etiquette. Link.
  5. Microfabrication Facilities Instructions (Saravana Pitchaikani). Instructions.
  6. Safety Training Material (Mike Frank + SDSU EHS). PPT File.