A. Documents

Microfabrication Procedures
  1. Organic MEMS (C-MEMS) Lithography Procedures (Phoebe Shin & Michael Frank)(Description)
  2. OLED (Green Pholed) Preparation Procedure (by Mohammad Majzoub & Pablo Martin-Ramos) (Description)
  3. Organic PV Cells Preparation Procedure (by Ashish Gaikwad) (Description)
  4. Negative Photolithography (SU-8) (Berhanu K. Wondimu & Mohammad Majzoub)(Description)
  5. Negative Lithography (SU-8, Spacings<100um) (A. Gaikwad & Mihir Parikh)
  6. Positive Lithography (by Namratha Tata & Vinot Kumar Vijayaraghavan)
  7. PDMS Mold Preparation Procedures (by Mike Frank) (Description)
  8. PDMS (Silicone) Protocol (by Sebastian Shaner – 2016) (Description).
  9. Multi-layer Litho & Mask Alignment for Ag/SU-8 Blend (by Gunay Ozturk) (Description)
  10. Mask Preparation using AutoCAD (template file)
  11. Mask Preparation using CoventorWare (sample – HW for EE/ME 685)
  12. Pyrolysis Protocol (Mieko Hirabayashi). (MTI’s Split Tube Furnace)
Guidelines, Check-lists, Etiquettes, & Safety Documents 
  1. Cleanroom Basic Guidelines (Pieter van Niekerk). Video.
  2. Lab Guidelines and Etiquette (Mieko Hirabayashi). Link.
  3. Microfabrication Facilities Instructions (Saravana Pitchaikani). Instructions.
  4. Safety Training Material (Mike Frank + SDSU EHS). PPT File.
  5. HF SOP File. Link. 
  6. MEMS Research Lab Mask Layout Design Checklist.
  7. MEMS Research Lab PCB Design Checklist.

Cleanroom Certification  Documents

  1. Introduction. Link
  2. Positive Lithography. Link
  3. Negative Lithography. Link
  4. Metal Lift-off. Link
  5. Plasma & CF4 Dry Etching. Link
  6. Equipment List. Link
  7. Examination. Link
  8. Score-Sheet. Link
  9. Sample Exam. Link

B. Equipment

 B.1 Micro- and Nano-fabrication

  1. ABM, High Resolution Mask Alignment and Exposure System, 500 Watt DUV/UV Exposure System with Intensity Controlling Power Supply. Uniform/Collimated 0″ Diameter Exposure Beam. Dual CCD Camera. Alignment System with Zoom Magnification from with Adjustable Fiber Optic Illumination and LCD Flat Panel Displays. Adjustable Camera Z motion focus.
  2. SVGL/ASML Micrascan III Step and Scan Deep UV Litho Station.
  3. Cymer EX5700 Deep UV Laser System
  4. PECVD & Pyrolysis Split Tube Furnace with Vacuum System (Max.1200C 10E-3 torr) with upgraded to split long tube furnace with 5″ Dia Quartz Tube (36″ Heating Zone). Includes Temperature Control System for Controlling Furnaces with Computer and gas MFC with touch screen control
  5. OAI UV Light Source
  6. Acid Etching
  7. Wet and Dry Oxide Growth
  8. Brewers Spin-coater
  9. ETS-150 Thermal Evaporation + Sputtering
  10. Technics Series 85 Plasma Etcher

 B.2 Metrology & Characterization

  1. Signatone Probe Station and 4-Point Probe
  2. Solartron Analytical Cyclic Voltametry & Impedance Measurement
  3. DekTak 150 Profilometer
  4. Filmetrics F40-PAR Profilometer.

 B.3 SEM & Microscopy

  1. SEM (FEI Quanta 450 FEG) (Available through Dr. S. Barlow)
  2. Hirox 3D Microscope.

C. Service Offered 

Clients Served 

Fee Structure: General lab use, lithography, pyrolysis, metal deposition, etc. ($70/hour). Grad student assistance ($35/hour). Staff assistance ($55/hour).

  1. SPAWAR, SSC-Pacific, Navy – 2013, 2014, 2015
  2. TumorGen MDx – 2014 – current (microfluidics chips)
  3. TissueNetix – 2012-2014 (microfluidics chips).
  4. Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB) Braunschweig, Berlin, Germany 2013-2015.
  5. University of Ferrara – 2015 – current (micro-ECoG Neural Probes, 12, 32, and 64-channels)
  6. University of Washington (Center for Sensorimotor and Neural Engineering) – 2012 – current (Cortical and spinal neural probes).
  7. University of Indonesia – 2013 – current.
Patents Granted (developed exclusively at MEMS Research Lab of Professor Kassegne) 
  1. US 9,041,018 B1, ORGANIC PHOTOVOLTAIC CELL AND LIGHT EMITTING DIODE WITH AN ARRAY OF 3-DIMENSIONALLY FABRICATED ELECTRODES, Kee Suk Moon, San Diego, CA (US); Samuel Kassegne, San Diego, CA (US); and Khaled Morsi, San Diego, CA (US), 2013. Link.
  2. HYBRID METAL AND CARBON OR GLASSY CARBON MEMS U-ECOG ELECTRODE AND MICROELECTRODE STRUCTURE, Kassegne, Samuel (Carlsbad, CA, US),  Van Niekerk, Pieter  (Murrieta, CA, US), Vomero, Maria (San Diego, CA, US), 2017. Link. 

Progress on our brand-new NanoFab (First Floor on new EIS Building) – Spring 2016


Contact us:

You may contact the cleanroom manager: Sebastian Shaner (seb.shaner. Past Managers: Denni Wibowo, Pieter van Niekerk, Mohammad Majzoub, Berhanu Wondimu.