Bionanoelectronics Research at Kassegne Lab

This group is investigating the feasibility and long-term stability of DNA-based bionanoelectronics platform. This platform consists off DNA molecular wires and interconnects attached to carbon/graphite microelectrodes. The boarder impact of this study is in developing nanoscale modulation of electrochemistry and electric-fields that will form basis for advancing our knowledge in large-scale bio-nanoelectronics as well as electrochemistry and electrostatics at a sub-micron-scale.

We have recently shown that our research in this area represents a significant departure from previous studies and makes unique contributions through (i) more accurate direct conductivity measurement of DNA molecular wires facilitated by suspension of the DNA away from the substrate, and (ii) AC impedance measurement of DNA molecular wires in dry-state attachment (relevant for long-term viability studies) that suggest metal-type low impedance at high-frequencies. The significant conductivity of -DNA molecular wires observed at high-frequencies opens up substantial opportunities.

Recent Paper on Bionanoelectronics published by ECS ‘link‘.


Denni Wibowo, Alaleh Gokhar, James Chi, Varsha Ramesh.