Sam Kassegne, PhD, PE
Dep. of Mechanical Engineering, College of Engineering
San Diego State
University, San Diego, CA 92182
kassegne|at|mail|dot|sdsu|dot|edu, Tel: (760)-402-716

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SDSU CLEANROOM: Specs: 800 square feet, Class 1000 MicroFab & Class 100 NanoFab. Capability Specs Document.



SVGL/ASML Micrascan III Step and Scan Deep UV Litho Station.

Cymer EX5700 Deep UV Laser System

OAI UV Light Source

Mask Aligner

Acid Etching

Oxidation Growth


Sputter Coating (through EMF)

Vacuum Oven

Wire Bonding

Contact us:

You may contact the current cleanroom managers: Denni Wibowo or Pieter van Niekerk.

Shown are: views from main entrance, undergrad and grad students doing lithography, main steel frame under construction, and in-house CFD Model for HVAC optimization.

The Micrascan III Step and Scan Deep UV Litho Station combines the elements of both steppers and scanners into Micrascan's "step and scan" technology. Step and scan combines the advantages of scanning projection aligners and steppers by scanning only a portion of the wafer, then stepping to another portion of the wafer and repeating the process as needed.

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