Sam Kassegne, PhD, PE
Dep. of Mechanical Engineering, College of Engineering
San Diego State
University, San Diego, CA 92182
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MEMS Lab Equipments for Microfabrication, Soft Lithography & Nanofabrication

Category Equipment
Lithography High Resolution Mask Alignment and Exposure System
500 Watt DUV/UV Exposure System with Intensity Controlling Power Supply. Uniform/Collimated 6.0" Diameter Exposure Beam. Dual CCD Camera Alignment System with Zoom Magnification from with Adjustable Fiber Optic Illumination and LCD Flat Panel Displays. Adjustable Camera Z motion focus.

SPC-200 Spin-Coater
200 mm pre- alignment wafer processing system (12,000 rpm option)

Baking Ovens (Inert Environment)

Metal Deposition Thermal Evaporation + Sputtering
DRIE (Desk-Top) + Plasma Etching
Technics Series 85
Oxidation Centorr Oxidation Chamber
Profilometer Filmetrics
3D Microscope Hirox 3D Microscope
Probe Station SignProbe Probe Station
FTIR (Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy)
Electrical & Electrochemical Characterization Solartron Analytical Cyclic Voltametry & Impedance Measurement
Soft Lithography (+PDMS) PDMS
3D Microscope Hirox 3D Microscope

Additional Equipment
Photoresist Spinner Headway Research Model EC101DT-R790
UV Light Source  Model LS 30/5 350W NUV
Signal Generator (Wavetek 75) - LCR Meter ( Boonton 5110) and Power Supply (HP 6236A Triple Output)
CCD Camera & Stereo Microscope System Includes WS2182000 Wesco WS8 stereo body, WS2183050, 129920, 183020, 120024, 180092, 180094, 120156 parts, and ZC Zarveco USB 2.0 HRC Digital Camera with VTB-Fl-01 Focus Lock.
Peristaltic Micropumps Model RP-1 PERISTALTIC PUMP 4-CHANNEL  (Model 7103-054)

Tubing & Connectors, Mixing Valves, and Fitting

Misc. Microfluidic Equipments

a) Handheld Conductivity Meters - Fisher Scientific Model 30 SCT.

b) Digital Hot PlateCole Parmer Instrument Company, Model  EW-84301-40

Vacuum Bake Ovens Model 3606-1CE,  Barnstead International
Probe Station  Signatone Probe Station with CCD camera and 19" monitor
Mask Aligner (Training) OAI/Newport
EZ Frequency Counter EZ Frequency Counter